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TAELLYWOOD Treasure HuntTaellywood Treasure Hunt (A Soul Quest to Discover God’s Wisdom Box) is a work of Fiction.  It’s the story of five friends on a quest to find an ancient treasure.  As they embark on their journey they encounter mystical creatures and heavenly angels.

Their lives are forever changed along the way. A broken relationship is rekindled, another finds peace after grief and loss, while one lives in constant rebellion. In spite of everything, the Taellywood Treasure possesses a deep, held secret.

The Taellywood Treasure Hunt is a discovery of wisdom. It’s a desire for answers, a pursuit of truth, and a journey of destiny. It’s a soul’s quest to uncover the wisdom of God, to understand why things happen, and what these friends discover is the most valuable gift of all.

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Awakening the Dream Within BookAwakening the Dream Within is a self-help book.  Are you looking for a personal transformation?  Are you filled with a dream?

This is a book about discovering your passions and turning your dreams into a reality.  Inside the pages of this book, there are thought-provoking questions to ponder, next steps to take, and personal stories of triumph over tragedy.

As a caregiver, Pat Patrick tells the story of how she released her greatest passion after her mother’s death. Emerging from her turmoil of grief, her journey through the dark night of the soul led her to awaken her dreams. Overwhelming losses brought this author to a place where she took her dream of becoming a writer to the publishing world.  This is Pat’s second published book.

It’s the calling of your heart, the passion of your soul, and the voice of truth which brings you to a defining moment.  This is Awakening the Dream Within.

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