Defining Moments in Life

Defining moments are those moments of truth when you distinguish yourself from a unknowing into a new kind of awareness. It strikes a beat in your heart. There are defining moments in every person’s life; a moment when you find yourself on the edge looking out over the cliff and wondering what to do next. Defining those moments filter risk taking ventures.  

Within that moment, everything of which a person is, or could be, shines in all its glory.

The trivial moments are when you know this incident is just a season in time, when you are aware that life will get better. An insignificant point in your life that states I’m just living out another day, those don’t matter much but when you have the defining moment, alas, you are awakened to a new season.

Defining moments in life wake you out of your sleep and say rise up and do something.  It’s the season in life that brings a dance in your step, a kick in your coffee, and when you realize that life is more than a series of minutes.

When the idea you have been secretly pining over is suddenly realized as a dream becomes a possibility, those are your moments of history.

“It is when our hearts are stirred that we become most aware of what they contain.”  — Andy Stanley from, “It Came from Within: The Shocking Truth of What Lurks in the Heart”

Defining moments in history can be defined by the events of the past. A defining moment can change the future. It is that unshakable belief in truth when everything that led up to that point is defined. Clarity is revealed in startlingly ways, sometimes tragically and other times with poignant events that stir your heart deep into your soul.  

Personal defining moments in life

Personal defining moments in life are unique to the individual such as receiving tragic news of a loved one’s death or when faced with a life-threatening illness. These moments define who you are as an individual. Recognizing the eternal perspectives of life and death causes a person to think about their existence.

Defining moments of truth can impact your view on things. The outcomes of experiences, the factors leading to personal truths take you into new directions.

Every decision you make is not always going to be the right one. You will rendezvous with danger and you will analyze all points.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Defining moments in life reflect an epiphany when a light bulb goes off in your head.

You search for answers until you find them. It is only then you will know that all that has happened has led you to the point where you are today; that defining moment in time.


Through every trial, wisdom can be attained, and with every circumstance there’s a chance for your faith to grow. For when we live by faith and not by sight, we open ourself to the possibilities of our hearts. These are the stepping stones of our soul, our journey to the life we were born to have. I'm living the dream and in faith, I'm doing both. My gift is to share some inspiration along the way.

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