A Free Writing Session to Inspire You

This is a free writing session. There’s no structure or element of fact, only to write freely whatever comes to mind. Don’t worry about spell check or grammar, just write your thoughts and let the words flow freely. This exercise is to inspire you.

Inspirational writingFree writing is a great way to boost your imagination and a fun way to get your writing flowing.

When you are anxious to write and nothing comes to mind, free writing helps the process.

First you must start with a quiet place. Next avoid all distractions and thoughts of tasks. Only concentrate on the writing process. What do you want to say? Start with a question, a thought, a quote. Or just an idea and write as fast as you can without editing. This becomes pretty easy once you get the hang of it. If you’re like me, you catch your spelling errors immediately and want to correct them; forget about it.  Just keep going. So what if your words are a bunch of gibberish, auto-correct will try to complete it for you and place a word where it thinks it makes sense.  If you’re writing with a word processor, you’ll probably end up with a lot of words underlined in red.

After about 20 minutes, go back and flush out the misspellings. Correct anything you were writing. If you can’t remember what you meant to say or the sentence makes no sense, just delete it.  This is not to award some sort of accolade, it’s just a way to process your thoughts in writing.

Writers need to write every day.

Writing keeps the brain tuned in and exercised. Like a muscle that’s needs movement and strengthening to build up, your brain in writing needs exercise as well.  Don’t worry about what to say, it’s not important, only that you exercise your writing time. Eventually you will see these golden little nuggets come forth during your free writing sessions.  Then expressions of your writing will flow into prose for work in your novel, articles, and blog posts.

Keeping a journal

Are you keeping a journal these days? Why or why not? Writing in a personal journal is as much about writing as is writing that next great novel you are brewing.  If you keep a journal, you can pen your thoughts and wishes and dreams. You don’t have to share it, just have a conversation with your inner self. You will find your subconscious pours out all sorts of great wisdom and insights. Who knows you might write your memoirs one day.

Keep writing, keep being inspired and find your place in the world of authors. That is why writers free write.


Through every trial, wisdom can be attained, and with every circumstance there’s a chance for your faith to grow. For when we live by faith and not by sight, we open ourself to the possibilities of our hearts. These are the stepping stones of our soul, our journey to the life we were born to have. I'm living the dream and in faith, I'm doing both. My gift is to share some inspiration along the way.

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