Finding Success: Are You Living the Dream

Have you discovered your muse? Have you found the perfect job, the one many refer to as living the dream? Have you found success in life?

Those dreams which you hold close to your heart and the life you’ve always wanted crawls around your soul like a whispering wind.

You find something you’re good at and you feel a sense of accomplishment. You’re encouraged by your boss, or parent, or spouse and you feel good about yourself. Perhaps you have a dream of starting your own business. Maybe you dream of winning the lottery so you can finally retire. Living the dream is about living your purpose in life.

Whatever you hold close to your heart, your passions will steer you in that direction.

Have you decided what you’re going to do with your life?  It’s never too late to start over. It’s never too early to begin that project you always wanted to do. Finding that one thing that will make your dreams come true isn’t that difficult.

For the greatest among us must first serve. For there is no room for pride in the heart of the seeker. In order to win, you must first lose. What does this mean?

In order to move towards your dreams, you have to be ready.

Do you have what it takes to succeed, to live the dream of heart?

Experience is the greatest teacher. In loss, you find solitude. In friendships, you find community. In love, you find your heart. In all these things, you discover something more about yourself.  Until you discover who you are and what your gifts are, you will continue searching.


What is your purpose in life?

Finding success is an attitude. What is your heart attitude? Are you willing to be bent by change?  Are you strong enough to bend? For your roots need to be so deep that when the waves of tragedy strike, you won’t break.

Times will be tough but when you have passed the test, you will come out on the other side a changed man or woman. You will have discovered something greater than yourself. Don’t give up on your dreams. Keep reaching for what you believe in. Ask God to show you the way. Let Him lead you every step.

God knows your heart. He knows your dreams. He has given you special and unique talents that are specifically designed just for you.

God has put a dream in your heart. Walk with Him. Converse with Him. Read scripture and look for direction.

One day your eyes will see, what has always been, in front of you. On that day, you will know God has brought you this far, to bless you.

May you find your special place in this world. May you discover your God-given gifts to living the dreams of your heart.

Your dream is just around the corner… waiting.


Through every trial, wisdom can be attained, and with every circumstance there’s a chance for your faith to grow. For when we live by faith and not by sight, we open ourself to the possibilities of our hearts. These are the stepping stones of our soul, our journey to the life we were born to have. I'm living the dream and in faith, I'm doing both. My gift is to share some inspiration along the way.

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